The Groundplan Ascora Webinar Recording Has Been Released

On Wednesday 16th March our Trade Expert, Craig and the Founder of Ascora, Courtney held a live webinar demonstrating the power of a new integration between Groundplan and Ascora.

We had over a hundred people sign up and the boys had plenty of questions to answer during the Q&A at the end. People are catching on to the benefits of using software in their trade business and the additional power a well-executed integration can add to the mix.

Watch the Webinar

Watch as Groundplan's Trade Expert Craig Pearman and Ascora's founder, Courtney Smith demonstrate the potential of each app individually, then how the integration creates a seamless workflow from initial takeoff to final invoice.

What was covered?

Craig kicked off the webinar by demonstrating how to quickly calculate labour and materials manually using Ascora's Supplies & Kits within Groundplan, then how to count symbols with lightning speed using our auto-counting feature, Count Assist

The Bill of Quantities was then pushed directly to Ascora.

Once the takeoff process was covered, Courtney took the reins to dig into quoting and the wealth of job management functionality built into Ascora.

The webinar was wrapped up with a fifteen minute Q&A where the audience asked some great questions to unravel a few more details about the process. 

The Integration

In short, you can now access and measure Ascora Kits and Supplies directly within Groundplan.

Use those materials to calculate what’s required on the job then send your Bill of Quantities across to Ascora ready to quote.

Then in Ascora you can manipulate the quote to include the exact information you’d like displayed. Then once the job is won, manage the project through to the final invoice. 

An overview of the integration's key features can be found here.

Risk-free trials and free demos

Both Groundplan and Ascora have a free trial and even free demos so you can give either one a solid run-through and decide if it’s for you. Risk-free.

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