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Get Even More Value from Groundplan with Free Training

All too often we sign up for new software and get underway without realising the full potential of this powerful new tool. Particularly with cloud software, new features are being added that can drastically increase the speed of your workflow. It can be like driving a car not realising how many more gears you have.

Yes, Groundplan is easy to use and allows you to count items, measure lengths and calculate surface areas – but almost every user who takes advantage of our free training is blown away by the features they never knew existed.

One example is Arrend Electrical

Like many trade businesses, Arrend Electrical began life as a one-man-band. It was ten years ago that Will Iversen went out on his own grabbing whatever work he could. A steady trajectory has seen the business scale into a tight-knit family business with ten employees and counting.

The slow and natural progression has served this family business well. Nowadays they service a broad range of clients and services, from residential, commercial, new builds, maintenance and more.

Jenn Iversen, Will’s wife has been there from the start. Jenn’s official title is HR & Accounting though she’s embedded in every aspect of the business.

We spoke with Jenn to learn more about Arrend’s steady growth and how their recent Groundplan training exceeded expectations, and then some.

Smart Systems

Arrend Electrical utilises a small and efficient suite of technology to optimise its operations.

Currently, GeoOp is their job management and scheduling solution, though Jenn suspects that they may outgrow its limitations before too long. Xero has the Accounting side of things taken care of and integrates with Groundplan which looks after the frontline for Takeoffs & Estimating.

Initially, Arrend used a Windows-based program for takeoffs but being pc-based meant having to wait for the one pc in the office to be free to use.

Cloud-based software such as Groundplan comes into its own when you have several platforms spread across one company. It doesn’t matter where you are or what device you’re using, you’ll always have access to the most current file.

“We have high-end clients – they can see that we’re listening, making the changes they’ve asked for, instantly.”
– Jenn Iversen.
 Accounts, HR, Founder. Arrend Electrical.

Cloud-based flexibility in the field

Recently, an Arrend staff member had an iPad in hand when visiting an important client. The client requested changes as they toured the building on site. Instead of taking notes, the changes were made there and then in front of the client using Groundplan on the iPad.

“It looks so professional in front of the owner of the business. It shows you’re listening. You can’t put a dollar value on that”

To be able to make changes there and then in the field eliminates double handling, eliminates paperwork and eliminates the potential to mix up which file is the latest.

Levelling Up with Groundplan’s Free Training

Every new Groundplan customer receives one hour of free training. If there’s one thing that rings true time and time again it’s that users who take the time to get to know the software well with formal training, gain at least twenty percent more value from their investment.

Staff at Arrend were aware of the free training available but as we often hear – just couldn’t find the time. Well, eventually they found the time and again, as we often hear, wish they had done it sooner.

“Time is so precious when you’re in business but now that we’ve done the training, we know we should have done it sooner”

If your business has signed up to Groundplan and has yet to take advantage of the free training on offer, now is the time to book. Lock it in soon though because we’re booked out for the next few weeks.

“The training was awesome, it was so good. We realised the benefit in one day.”

Don’t leave it until you wished you had done it sooner.

Free trade expert consultation

Even if you’re not a Groundplan user, any trade business using floorplan’s to do estimates should look into Groundplan. Our trade experts are available to show you how it can help you in your specific situation with a one-on-one online demo.

A free 14-Day trial is available to explore what it can do for you.

We’d like to thank Will, Jenn and the Team at
Arrend Electrical for sharing their story.

You can find out more about Arrend at

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