Count a lot of symbols?

You're going to love Count Assist.

Count Assist is ideal for anyone doing large-scale takeoffs particularly where high-volume counting is required.

Electrical Industry
Security Industry
Fire Industry

Count Assist pricing

Prices are additional to your Groundplan subscription.

Count Assist
Up to 20,000 counts
ex. GST
Count Assist
Automatic Takeoff Software

Turn Hours into Seconds

Just when you thought the takeoff process couldn't get any faster.

Now you can simply select a symbol, and within seconds, Groundplan will find the rest.

Then Review, Apply, Done.

Next-Level Accuracy

The volume of symbols can become overwhelming on a large plan, which increases the risk of details being overlooked.

We've developed a workflow where the user can dive into detail to ensure nothing goes unchecked.

Learn about Count Assist pricing

Count Symbols Plan Takeoff

Complete Control

It's the best of both world's.

When we started receiving requests for Groundplan to count symbols, we too began asking questions. What we soon learned was that our users still wanted to be able to check the counted results. ie: to retain control over the selection.

So that's what we've done: Search > Review > Apply.

Try it for yourself.

"Our team has been putting Count Assist through its paces and all I can say is ...
you've nailed it."

Clint Hewish
Concept Electrical Estimating
Concept Electrical Estimating
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