Electrical Estimating Software

Groundplan’s electrical estimating and takeoff software is completely cloud based, so you can manage your projects seamlessly from your internet browser from anywhere in the world. Completing your electrical takeoff has never been easier: you simply choose and click – and we count.

  • Count tool for counting individual items like downlights and switches
  • Length tool for measuring items like cables, trays and conduits
  • Area tool for measuring square meterage
  • Plan Revisions
  • Project Calendar
  • Cloud technology for live sharing
  • Task management
  • Designed for residential and commercial takeoff
Why Groundplan?

Takeoff software for any Trade

Modernise your business processes with our cloud-based takeoff software.
Work from anywhere
Use any device to access all your projects, plans and takeoff estimates online. Collaborate with your remote team as changes happen in real time.
No more software installs and updates.
Excellent support
Either through our free one-on-one training or our live chat, we strive to get you going as quickly and efficiently as possible. Trusted by more than
2,000 businesses in 10 countries.
Easily export your takeoff estimates
Once you have finished your takeoff estimates, export your bill of quantities directly to excel
or push to a quote via one of our
software integrations.

Groundplan success stories

Discover how trades are moderising their business processes with our cloud-based takeoff software.

Groundplan saves me so much time – easily 70% faster. I’m saving hours on every quote.

Personalised PDF Electrical Plan Design

With more than 300 standard electrical symbols available in Groundplan, electrical plan design is a breeze. Add lighting and power symbols, then use Groundplan’s arc tool to run the circuits. Once you’ve placed the symbols in the right position, Groundplan will automatically count all items for you. Plus, you’ll be in complete control of your PDF plans with the ability to edit any item as you please.

  • Place more than 300 standard symbols
  • Use the Arc Tool for drawing circuitry
  • Draw clear, concise lines
  • Delete symbols as needed
  • Add text boxes
  • Add Title block and logos to personalise
  • Add legend

Electrical Labour and Parts Estimating

Groundplan has built the link between electrical takeoff and estimating. Get quotes to your customers faster, as Groundplan builds an estimate from your electrical takeoff in seconds. That means no more time wasted on manual estimates, more quotes, and more profit.

  • Upload your rates from CSV
  • Save takeoff templates for future projects
  • Use formulas to multiply materials and calculate wastage
  • Labour calculator
  • Quantify your costs
  • Download electrical estimates directly to Excel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is electrical estimating or take off software?

Electrical estimating software provides an online platform for estimators to complete project takeoffs and estimating with ease. It offers a faster and more accurate alternative to traditional, paper-based takeoff and estimating, simply because everything can be done online.

With just an internet browser, estimators can upload their plans to the software (or create new plans on screen) and use intuitive digital tools to measure and mark lengths, areas and quantities. Precise materials lists and even estimates can be generated with just a few clicks for any electrical tender large or small.

What are the benefits of using electrical estimating software?

Electrical takeoff software makes for quicker, more accurate estimating, which translates to more jobs won, less waste, and ultimately more profit for you. If you want your business to have a competitive edge and stay profitable in today’s world, keeping on top of the latest industry technology like electrical estimating software is key.

Does your electrical estimating software integrate with other systems?

Groundplan currently integrates with a host of job management software: simPRO, AroFlo, tradietech and Workmate, and we’re always on the lookout for new integrations that will benefit you.

Our integration with job management software like simPRO means that you can push a bill of quantities from Groundplan directly into simPRO to get quotes to your customers faster, streamline job scheduling, and more. Because we’re cloud based, integrations are easy – so if you’d like to see us work with specific software, let us know!

How can software improve my estimating process?

Estimating software has many advantages: the best of the bunch being accuracy and speed. Because you’re mapping, measuring and marking every detail on your plans online, you can easily keep them clear and consistent. There’s no confusing highlighter marks or scribbled notes! Materials lists are precise and adding labour costs is as simple as entering your rates and mark-ups; Groundplan can calculate a full bill of materials in just seconds.

Plus, you can access your plans and estimates at any time and from anywhere, all you need is an internet connection.

What is the best electrical software for an electrician?

The best estimating software for electricians is one that integrates seamlessly into your business’ workflow and processes and requires little or even no training of your staff. Software like this can be at work improving your productivity quickly – rather than, if it’s too complicated, becoming detrimental to it. Cloud-based software is also key, so you can collaborate with your staff in real time and access your plans anywhere with an internet connection.

What if I have an estimator who isn’t comfortable with technology?

We know exactly what it takes to help even the most reluctant online estimators get a good handle on and even appreciate electrical takeoff software. It helps that Groundplan is so easy to use and that many estimators recognise its benefits very quickly. Even still, we offer free set-up assistance and training from our trade experts; simply ask us when you sign up!

If you can't find the answer you're looking for please contact us.

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