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Impress your clients

Groundplan produces a succinct and visually impressive estimate with all your branding in place ready to show your client, so you can look the part as the professional outfit you are.

Custom Symbols
Choose from over 500 custom-made symbols for a wide range of trades industries. Upload your own personalised symbols or have us create them for you.
Ruler Tool
Add dimension annotations to your plans quickly and easily with the Ruler Tool. Set the scale and let Groundplan calculate the measurements for you.
Add photos such as product images to your plans with the Image Tool.
Arc Tool
Accurately display the link between symbols on your plans with the Arc Tool. Specially useful for circuits.
Snip Tool
Isolate an area of your PDF, adjust paper size, and create new plans with the Snip Tool.
PDF Plan Exports
Export your plans and markups in clear PDF format, ready to send to your customers.

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