Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about the Groundplan software.
What do I need to complete my first takeoff?

Our 14 day trial allows you to complete a takeoff estimate from start to finish, the only thing you need is a set of plans.

Do I need to download any software?

Groundplan Takeoff software is 100% cloud based and runs on all modern browsers. No need to download clunky old server based takeoff software. Groundplan works anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

How much time will I save on estimating?

On residential and commercial jobs you can typically see a 30-40% reduction in estimating time when counting and measuring directly from your plans using Groundplan.

Can I share my projects with my team or offshore estimators?

Groundplan allows you to share your projects with anyone who has a Groundplan account. You can have as many people as you like working on the same set of plans at the same time from anywhere in the World.

What happens when I get plan revisions?

Plan revisions is a standard feature of Groundplan. You can upload the new plan into your project and transfer the entire takeoff to the new plan.

Can Groundplan also calculate labour?

Yes. You can add labour fit times to each part and use it to estimate your labour component for the entire project.

Does Groundplan do plan design as well?

Yes. Groundplan has great basic tools for plan design. Whether it’s drawing a building outline or erasing a title block, our system gives you full control over your plans.

Can I adjust the estimates produced by the software?

Of course. Our landscape estimating software lets you adjust material costs, labour rates and markups, to ensure the estimates align precisely with your business specifications.

What is construction takeoff software?

No more pen and paper, instead while you simply count and measure the materials on your plan, Groundplan generates a list of line items for you.

With a construction takeoff software, all your plans become centralised and your pricing and markups become templated.

How does construction estimating takeoff software work?

Simply begin by uploading your PDF plan to our construction estimating software.

Use the Snip and Eraser tool to clean up the plans. Use our range of measuring tools to calculate materials, labour cost and profit margins. 

The editing tools enable you to add annotations, then finally personalise and brand your plan by adding your logo and company details to the Title Block.

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