Landscape Estimating Software

Groundplan is a landscaping takeoff software engineered to expedite project planning and estimation processes. After years of redesign and refinement, we created a trusted and indispensable resource that consistently empowers teams to achieve superior outcomes.

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Landscape Takeoff Software

Our cloud-based landscape estimating and takeoff software will revolutionise how you approach landscaping projects. At Groundplan, we can streamline every aspect of your landscape estimating process, making it as effortless as possible.

Our software empowers you and your team to collaborate seamlessly, regardless of location. Using these features, Groundplan ensures you can work on projects remotely without compromising efficiency and precision:

The digital benefits

  • Count Tool: Quantifies items, costs, hours of service, and other crucial components for the project.
  • Length Tool: Measures the length of items usable during landscaping.
  • Area Tool: Measures the project area, such as gardens and backyards.
  • Plan Revisions: Compares changes to previous plans and estimates
  • Project Calendar: Sets schedules and milestones for upcoming activities
  • Cloud technology: For synchronous and asynchronous work
  • Task management: Organises tasks for convenient tracking and planning
  • Integrations: Groundplan is compatible with applications like Ascora and simPRO for quoting.

We purposefully engineered our landscape estimating software for both residential and commercial takeoffs. This deliberate focus on versatility and adaptability means that no matter what landscaping project you're working on, Groundplan has you covered. With competitive pricing, Groundplan becomes a worthy investment no matter the scope or scale of your landscaping endeavours.

Why Groundplan?

Takeoff software for any Trade

Modernise your business processes with our cloud-based takeoff software.
Work from anywhere
Use any device to access all your projects, plans and takeoff estimates online. Collaborate with your remote team as changes happen in real time.
No more software installs and updates.
Excellent support
Either through our free one-on-one training or our live chat, we strive to get you going as quickly and efficiently as possible. Trusted by more than
2,000 businesses in 10 countries.
Easily export your takeoff estimates
Once you have finished your takeoff estimates, export your bill of quantities directly to excel
or push to a quote via one of our
software integrations.

Groundplan success stories

Discover how trades are moderising their business processes with our cloud-based takeoff software.

I googled it, you guys came up. Once we did the trial it was a no brainer.

It’s the ultimate Landscape Takeoff Software

Groundplan has been designed to streamline the takeoff process of any landscape design. 

Whether you are working on a small residential design or a large-scale commercial project, our software is designed to meet your needs. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, you can effortlessly count and measure softscapes such as gardens and turf areas, as well as hardscapes like stone walls and paving.

Simply import your PDF plans into our landscape takeoff software then use our suite of measurement tools to quantify the materials required, to ensure everything on the plan is  accounted for and that your  estimates are as accurate as possible.

How it works

  • First of all, upload your plans
  • Then, use the Length and Area tools to calculate the volume of materials required for paving, garden beds, irrigation designs and more
  • Our Count tool is the go-to option to quantify items such as outdoor furniture, or smaller details such irrigation inlets and outlet points
  • Use Count assist to quickly search and quantify plan symbols
  • The Plan Compare feature allows you to track changes
  • Export your Bill of Quantities to a spreadsheet or to one of our growing list of integrations to generate your landscaping quote.

Professional Landscaping Plan Design Presentations

Groundplan is simple to use but there is power and flexibility under the hood, offering the perfect foundation to create beautiful landscape design presentations.

Our software boasts a sizeable library of industry-standard symbols, handpicked to provide design and installation instructions clearly, complete with accurately scaled dimensions. Require custom design symbols? No problem, send us your request.

Clean up existing plans using the Snip and Eraser tools.

Use Title Blocks to build personalised branded templates with your company logo, terms, clients and document details or whatever you’d like to include. Then get to work adding annotations and instructions with our suite of plan design tools to create a PDF presentation to be proud of.

Clean, professional Plan designs

  • Create masterful PDF Landscape designs to clearly communicate your ideas to clients
  • Use the Length, Area and Curve tools to clearly display landscape and irrigation designs
  • Add and edit symbols to clearly communicate assigned materials
  • Access to a library of over 300 standard symbols
  • Add text boxes to identify and provide context to your plan
  • Groundplan automatically generates a legend based on materials used on the Plan
  • Clean up existing designs with ease

Integrate with Your Existing Systems

Once your Takeoff is complete, you'll find your Bill of Quantities waiting in the Worksheet.

Send your Bill of Quantities across to your favourite Job Management or Accounting software to create a new quote or, to update an existing one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is landscape estimating software?

Landscape estimating software is a specialised software application tailored to the needs of landscaping and construction estimating professionals. Let Groundplan help you quickly and accurately calculate costs, including materials, labour, equipment, and other associated expenses. Further, teams can integrate other project management and accounting tools to enhance collaboration and smooth decision making processes.

How does landscaping estimating software work?

Simply begin by uploading your PDF plan to our landscaping estimating software.

Use the Snip and Eraser tool to clean up your plans.

Use our range of measuring tools to calculate materials, labour cost and profit margins. 

The editing tools enable you to add annotations, then finally personalise and brand your plan by adding your logo and company details to the Title Block.

Can I adjust the estimates produced by the software?

Of course. Our landscape estimating software lets you adjust material costs, labour rates and markups, to ensure the estimates align precisely with your business specifications.

How does the 14 day free trial work?

After signing up, you’ll start a 14 day free trial with unrestricted access to all of Groundplan’s features.

A free demonstration with a Groundplan Trade Expert is available at any stage during the trial. Enter your billing details to continue using Groundplan beyond the trial period.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for please contact us.

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