Construction Takeoff Software

Measure and calculate the materials required for your next job with speed and accuracy. 

For any trade that uses plans to takeoff and estimate their projects, Groundplan is the premiere construction estimating software.

14 day free trial. Training available.

Takeoff Software for Construction Estimating

From waterproofing to tiling, concreting, flooring, roofing, electrical and plumbing, the process is as simple as dropping your plans into Groundplan then use our measurement tools to accurately measure lengths, count singular items and calculate surface areas.

Groundplan is the ideal takeoff software for construction estimating, creating an accurate bill of quantities to submit your tender.

Wastage on site is also drastically minimised by creating an accurate list of materials to deliver on site. 

Our construction takeoff software’s 14-Day free trial and simple monthly pricing makes it easy to get started.

Why Groundplan?

Takeoff software for any Trade

Modernise your business processes with our cloud-based takeoff software.
Work from anywhere
Use any device to access all your projects, plans and takeoff estimates online. Collaborate with your remote team as changes happen in real time.
No more software installs and updates.
Excellent support
Either through our free one-on-one training or our live chat, we strive to get you going as quickly and efficiently as possible. Trusted by more than
2,000 businesses in 10 countries.
Easily export your takeoff estimates
Once you have finished your takeoff estimates, export your bill of quantities directly to excel
or push to a quote via one of our
software integrations.

Groundplan success stories

Discover how trades are moderising their business processes with our cloud-based takeoff software.

It was just so much simpler to use than the others

The Digital Benefits are Endless

No more will you need to juggle all those printed plans or even search through your emails for the latest version. Instead, bring all your plans into one place. 

Account for everything

If you’re not yet using Groundplan construction estimating takeoff software, you could be losing out. What does missing an item on the plan cost you? How much time does a large takeoff take you to complete?

Template your process

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time. Instead with construction estimating takeoff software, you can build your own library of project and takeoff templates with your material costs and markups all built-in and ready to apply to any plan.

The digital benefits

  • Digital storage of all your plans in one place
  • Online sharing of projects with your collaborators
  • Multiple plan revisions
  • Project and Takeoff templates
  • Count Assist will turn hours of counting into seconds
  • Integrate with our growing list of accounting and job management software options

How Construction Estimating Takeoff Software Works

From small residential designs to large-scale commercial projects, our construction estimating takeoff software is designed to increase the speed and accuracy of any plan takeoff. 

Quantify materials on your plan

Simply import your PDF plans then, use our suite of measurement tools to quantify the materials required for the project. The process ensures everything on your plan is accounted for and that the accuracy of your estimates is increased.

Your Bill of Quantities

Based on the results of your takeoff, Groundplan generates an accurate Bill of Quantities ready for export to a spreadsheet or to one of our integrated Job Management or Accounting software partners.

The process

  • Use the Length and Area tools to calculate the volume of materials required for your construction project
  • Use Count Assist to quickly search and quantify plan symbols
  • The Plan Compare feature allows you to track changes.

Export your Bill of Quantities to a spreadsheet or to one of our growing list of integrations to generate your landscaping quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is construction takeoff software?

No more pen and paper, instead while you simply count and measure the materials on your plan, Groundplan generates a list of line items for you.

With a construction takeoff software, all your plans become centralised and your pricing and markups become templated.

How does construction estimating takeoff software work?

Simply begin by uploading your PDF plan to our construction estimating software.

Use the Snip and Eraser tool to clean up the plans. Use our range of measuring tools to calculate materials, labour cost and profit margins. 

The editing tools enable you to add annotations, then finally personalise and brand your plan by adding your logo and company details to the Title Block.

Can I adjust the estimates produced by the software?

Of course. Our landscape estimating software lets you adjust material costs, labour rates and markups, to ensure the estimates align precisely with your business specifications.

How does the 14 day free trial work?

After signing up, you’ll start a 14 day free trial with unrestricted access to all of Groundplan’s features.

A free demonstration with a Groundplan Trade Expert is available at any stage during the trial. Enter your billing details to continue using Groundplan beyond the trial period.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for please contact us.

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