Reduce Wastage using Pinpoint Digital Detail

In the third instalment of our 3-part series on reducing wastage, we talk to Rex Redden. Rex has been selling software to tradies since 2007, and in 2013, he co-founded Groundplan.

As you’re undoubtedly aware, Groundplan takes the manual Takeoff process into the digital age and brings a world of benefits, not least of which is the pinpoint accuracy achieved.

Rex says that being able to zoom into small detailed areas of large complex plans allows you to focus on granular detail so that nothing gets overlooked.

“It’s easier to zero in on the areas of the Plan to get a good understanding of the Takeoff.”
- Rex Redden, Co-Founder - Groundplan.

Integrations for quoting & job management

As Rex points out, integrating software is another opportunity to take advantage of digital accuracy because the data is transferred digitally. If you’re counting things on the screen, you’re digitally transferring data from one digital system to another, excluding room for error.

Estimating Software Integrations

Clear, accurate documentation

The same documents produced by the Estimator are then passed on to the project manager, including a full set of marked-up plans with a complete Bill of Materials. That same list can also be sent to the suppliers to ensure the best possible price is being sought for the materials.

“It’s always between 30% & 50% that customers tell us they’re saving in time”.

Updating plans on-site during construction

An often overlooked benefit to doing Takeoffs the digital way is the ability to take the iPad into the field and update plans as the job is in progress.

If the installation of materials differs from the original plan, everything can be updated in real-time, on-site.

Podcast series

As part of our 3-Part Podcast Series, which we’re rolling out alongside Aroflo, on How to Reduce Waste in your Trade Business, this week we’re looking at the extreme detail you can discover within a plan to ensure everything is accounted for and no stone is left unturned.

Episode 3: Reduce Wastage using Pinpoint Digital Detail

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