Reduce Wastage On-Site using Increased Accuracy in the Office

At Groundplan, we take pride in the fact that those who speak to clients regularly have a thorough understanding of the trade industry. We’ve interviewed three of our in-house experts on the topic of how to reduce wastage in your trade business. 

Meet our ex Construction Manager

One example of our in-house trade industry expertise are our Trade Experts. Instead of a team of salespeople who sell software, we have ex-tradies trained in software. Our Trade Experts have experience both on the tools, and in trade managerial positions so they understand the whole trades process. 

Benny Taylor was a carpenter in a past life and then spent five years as a Construction Manager. Nowadays he’s a Groundplan Trades Expert. He’s one of the guys who will show you exactly how you can take your current Takeoff process and streamline it using Groundplan. He's also this week's interviewee.

How to reduce wastage on-site

As part of our 3-Part Podcast Series, which we’re rolling out alongside Aroflo, on How to Reduce Waste in your Trade Business, this week we’re looking at the effect accuracy in the office has on on-site efficiency. It’s something Benny has experienced first-hand.

Episode 2: Reduce Wastage On-Site using Increased Accuracy in the Office

See also Episode 1: Reduce Wastage with Efficient Stock Control

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