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Everyone onboard within a week

Two years ago, Phil Stockman began his side hustle. Takeoff Pro was born from a desire to help owners of electrical businesses save time. Phil would often see his friends, in the industry, struggle to free up their evening and weekends; instead, they’d be dragged back to the computer to push out more quotes.
Now, using Groundplan, Takeoff Pro has become an invaluable, systemised solution for a growing number of sparkies who are finally getting back some screen-free time.

Before Groundplan

Phil brought together a team of electrical engineers who specialise in estimating. In the early days, each engineer used their own preferred choice of software. With multiple engineers using several different systems, consistency wasn’t easy to achieve.
Luckily, Phil discovered Groundplan.

Everyone onboard

Within two weeks of signing up to the Groundplan trial, Phil had mastered the software. He was then convinced he’d found the ultimate solution: a place where the whole team could collaboratively use one platform. But how did he convince engineers to make the switch?
Within 2 hours one engineer called and said: “I love it!”. A week later, the whole team was onboard.

“Within one week we had all 5 engineers up and running.
They love it.”
- Phil Stockman, Takeoff Pro.

After trialing several competitors, it was obvious that Groundplan had paid serious attention to detail, giving Phil - and his engineers - confidence that the client would be impressed.

“The feedback from clients has been phenomenal”

An added bonus

The greatest bonus came when an existing Groundplan user forwarded their plans to Takeoff Pro. This way, the client can login and watch as the engineer progresses through the estimate. It’s a huge time-saver when everyone is on the same cloud-based takeoff platform.

“They’re able to log in and check on the work as it progresses. Once they’re happy, we just flick it back to them within Groundplan”

In fact, several clients from Takeoff Pro were so impressed they’ve since become Groundplan clients themselves.

“The Support from Rex and the team has been first class”.

Why the Takeoff Pro service is taking off

From professional baseball, HR recruitment and - more recently - business consulting, Phil’s career has been eclectic. The latter revealed just how much time could be saved by passing a task on to a specialist outside the business.
Phil has experienced, firsthand, situations where friends who own electrical businesses have had to excuse themselves from the BBQ to get home and get those quotes out the door. Needless to say, these friends are all now using Takeoff Pro.

“All the engineers are getting faster and better at using Groundplan. Currently, we’re turning projects around 20-30% faster than before”

Since switching to Groundplan, Takeoff Pro have increased their turnaround time on projects by 20-30%. These savings are then passed directly onto the client.
It’s a match made in estimating heaven.

Get hands-on with Groundplan for yourself with a free 14-day trial.

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