Create a Lightspeed Connection Between Groundplan and Intuit Quickbooks

Are you an Intuit Quickbooks (Online) user or looking for accounting software to manage your business finances? Be sure to connect your favourite take-off software with one of the world’s favourite cloud accounting platforms - Intuit Quickbooks (Online).

For those unfamiliar, Intuit Quickbooks allows users to control and manage their business finances, track their inventory, quote and invoice customers, and keep on top of their payroll. Its aim is to provide users with powerful and sleek software to simplify their accounting systems, saving them a lot of time in the process.

A sentiment Groundplan can get behind - that’s for sure.

Why you should integrate

Integrations break down barriers between your key business processes and software, creating a clear connection between your pivotal platforms. It unlocks a range of new tools to save time and ensure accuracy when quoting or estimating. 

By connecting Intuit Quickbooks with Groundplan, you’ll be able to access your inventory, non-inventory items and bundled items to quantify counts and measurements.

Once connected, you can add a new Stage to your count or design and select from a list of Once-Off Item, Quickbooks Item or Quickbooks Bundle. Selecting either of the Quickbooks options will allow you to browse all Items and Bundles within your Intuit Quickbooks account and add your desired service or non-inventory item to your Stage.

Complete your count or design as usual, using your Quickbooks Items or Bundles, then create a quote or purchase order using your Groundplan estimates. 

You’ll be able to view your quote in your Intuit Quickbooks account, customise the appearance, include messages and send it off all in one swoop.  

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How to get integrated

Get integrated in minutes with our easy-to-follow guide.

View the Help Guide by Clicking Here

Just remember - you’ll need full admin access in Groundplan to get started.

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