Three Benefits of Integrating Your Business Software with Other Software

Anyone working in the trades, services or building industry can see the clear benefits that digitising their operation brings to the table.

Digitisation means an end to manual paperwork and double handling of documents. Digitisation lets you schedule work at the office and have employees in the field know where their next job is without ever having to call in and check. Digitisation lets you create timesheets that are populated automatically by data pulled from job timers rather than spending hours checking rosters before completing payroll. Digitisation even gives you the peace of mind that your job estimations no longer require you to waste time writing down materials and quantities using pen and paper.

These are just a few reasons why a digitally enhanced workplace enables trade, service and construction businesses to reach previously unattainable levels of success.

But, if your business is already reaping the benefits of digital automation, you’re probably wondering:

What’s the next step in the evolution of digital processes, and how can I get even more from my automated systems?

We say the answer to both these questions is software integrations. This article will cover three reasons why we believe that taking every opportunity to integrate your software is a one-way ticket to positive growth.

1. Software integrations help you digitise more of your business without compromise.

If you already use job management software to take care of your business processes, then you might not see any reason to digitise further.

After all, you already have all your basics covered in one package. Why should you bother looking around for another solution that may sacrifice overall functionality for the sake of enhancing the more niche business practices that you still perform manually?

Luckily you don’t have to choose anymore.

As software integrations are now an industry-standard practice, particularly in software for trades, services and construction, you will be pleased to know that you now have numerous options.

If your goal is a 100% digitised workplace, it pays dividends to pick a software provider that places a large emphasis on integrating with other providers and enhancing their offerings.

When searching for a new software system, we recommend that your enquiry includes some questions about whether the package integrates with other providers and how these integrations enhance business workflows.

2. Software integrations let you adopt specialised systems without sacrificing utility.

A significant worry you may have when adopting a software package is whether it will properly fit the specifics of your industry or even your business itself. Software integrations eliminate this concern, as they allow you to pick and choose multiple systems that meet your individual needs without making any concessions regarding functionality.

For example, say your takeoff software is very functional, and you’re happy with everything it provides, but you also need to manage your jobs, timesheets and other core business processes. Rather than moving to a more generic system that may not have the functionality you enjoyed before, you simply pick a provider that integrates with your takeoff software instead.

Now you have the best of both worlds and can continue to grow, knowing that your software infrastructure won’t reach the end of its usefulness because you traded down.

3. Software integrations benefit from being many systems combined into one workflow powerhouse.

When you choose software packages that readily integrate with other providers, you can start creating a business structure that’s more like a jigsaw puzzle than something set in stone.

That is to say, if your business is missing a crucial piece, just find an appropriate software offered by an integration partner to your other systems and slot it in.


It’s also worth noting that there’s no limit to how many systems you can incorporate into your business, provided they all offer good integration options. The potential for a future where our professional software needs are met by dozens of vendors all integrated seamlessly to provide one succinct service is very real. By making an effort to adopt multiple systems now, you might just be taking a step that others will wish they had years ago when the time comes.

But should you always seek out software that offers integrations to ensure you have options?

The good news is you often won’t have to choose between the perfect software for your current needs and whether it integrates with other software offerings.

The shift toward integration as a standard practice in software for trades, construction and services has meant that premier providers are usually more than willing to integrate if they can.

If you were forced to make a choice, though, consider the long-term viability of sticking with software that doesn’t offer any immediately valuable integration opportunities.

Then ask yourself:

  • Am I sacrificing future potential growth for a software system that suits my needs now?
  • Will this software solution offer any integration options in future or not?
  • Can I find a software solution that fits my needs just as well and also offers me integration opportunities?

By working through these questions before deciding on software, you can discount any options that don’t adequately fit your current and future needs, letting you settle on something that’s perfect for your business.

AroFlo and Groundplan are an example of an amazing software integration.

If you’re interested in learning more about what a great software integration looks like, check out how Groundplan and AroFlo combine to create the perfect planning and estimating system.

Start by uploading your building plans into Groundplan, then measure, plot and count your materials with info synced directly from AroFlo’s inventory list via the cloud. Once your estimate is complete, you can import your results back into AroFlo’s job quoting software and create detailed purchase orders on demand.

The best part is that this integration is completely free. Find out more here and see for yourself what a truly powerful software integration can offer the savvy trade, service or construction professional.

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