The new Flip action is here and it’s ideal for townhouses and apartments

A popular request we’ve received is to be able to mirror an existing group of Measurements or Annotations. 

The Flip action is ideal for rooms, apartments or Plan revisions. You can now Flip an existing group of Measurements or Annotations.

Floorplan - Flip Tool

How’s it work?

Obviously you can use the Flip action however you like, to give you an idea of how it might be used, here’s an example:

Let’s say we have two rooms side-by-side. Their layout is the same, but mirrored.

1. Draw up your Measurements for the first room.

2. Using the Shift key, select all of those Measurements (or whichever Measurements you’d like to Flip)

3. With the Measurements selected, from the Actions menu, click Duplicate

4. Then, again from the Actions menu, choose either Flip Vertically or Flip Horizontally.

5. Move the new Measurements into place.

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