Six Significant Updates That Will Improve Your Groundplan Workflow

1. A new Curve option for the Length & Area tools

A significant new option has been added to the Length and Area tools. 

The new curve option allows Electricians to measure arcs, Landscape Designers to measure paths and garden edges, and HVAC can more accurately measure ducting.

Obviously, anyone who needs to measure curves will benefit.

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2. Labelling now available for the Count tool

Users can now label Counts using static or sequential numbers. Prefixes and suffixes can also be included.

This is ideal for electricians, particularly on large plans to sequentially label data points or GPO’s to more easily identify their corresponding cabling back to the switchboard.

Builders are even using it to sequentially label foundations.

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3. Rotate & retain plan size options have been added to the Snip tool

Plans often arrive with old branding, legends and miscellaneous annotations around the perimeter.

The Snip Tool is used to produce a fresh new copy of the plan by isolating only the area of the plan required.

So what’s new?

As you Snip, you can now:

  • Rotate the snipped image of the Plan
  • Retain original plan size

4. The Title Blocks editor has an improved interface and workflow

To help you to produce super-professional, elegant PDF’s, we’ve updated the interface for a better user experience.

This update includes:
  • Live Preview as you enter text
  • Drag and Drop for easier reordering of your Blocks and Table Labels
  • Highlights for Blocks with errors
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5. You can now resize the Stages sidebar

Creating more space to view your plan becomes invaluable if you’re on a laptop or any device that's smaller than a desktop screen.

You can now resize or hide the Stages column completely, giving you more space to view the plan.

6. A new option to rotate the Grid

If you ever find yourself needing to align a portion of the plan with anything other than 90 degrees. You can now freely rotate the grid.

Rotate Plan Grid

A full record of all our latest updates can be found here.

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