New Shape Tools to Design and Annotate

On our path to building a premium takeoff platform for the trade services, tools and features we introduce along the way give users more flexibility in their day to day use of the software.

With the new Square and Circle tools, Groundplan becomes a viable option to create simple designs without an existing plan.

Upload your blank PDF and begin adding a building, rooms, driveway and paths while Groundplan calculates the measurements.

Add to that the new Arrow and Cloud tools for annotation on existing drawings, Groundplan is leading the way in cloud-based estimating and takeoff software.

The Square and Circle tools

Use the Circle tool to draw tanks and septics for example.

Each Shape includes settings already available in the existing Measurement tools such as line width, fill, colour and drawing modes.

Read the new Help Centre articles for a detailed explanation.

Help Centre: The Square Tool | The Circle Tool

The Cloud and Arrow tools

When it comes to existing plans, we often hear from users wanting to do a little more than just 'takeoff'. You may want to add instruction, highlight important notes or ideas or add entirely new proposed elements to a plan that do not yet exist.

The Cloud and Arrow tools enhance your ability to highlight and annotate existing plans, again with a range of style options to make sure your important notes are not going to be missed.

Help Centre: The Cloud Tool | The Arrow Tool

Cloud tool for plan annotation


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