Just how fast is Count Assist

Recently, our latest feature was put to the test. Count Assist went up against the fastest human Estimator we could find. The results may surprise you, or they may not.

The Battle

Concept Electrical Estimating (CEE) are superusers of Groundplan. They’re a team of dedicated Estimators. In fact electrical and mechanical estimating is all they do. They were involved in the original beta testing of Count Assist so they’d already become familiar with the feature well before the Takeoff Battle idea was conceived.

Round 1: The crowd favourite takes the crown

In the first round of the battle, CEE had their own team battle it out to crown the fastest human Estimator within their organisation. The number 1 favourite, Jeev was crowned the Takeoff King.

The results

  • 1st - Jeev "The King" Reji (4m 51s)
  • 2nd - Silent "The Assassin" Steve (5m 55s)
  • 3rd - Seb "Must Win" Hanson (5min 58s)
  • 4th - Ali "The Rook" Asad (8m 27s)

Round 2: Time to face the machine

This time, Craig Pearman from Groundplan sat in the Count Assist hot seat to take on Jeev, the reigning champion.

Count Assist and the Takeoff King went head-to-head, tackling a plan with 281 symbols with the goal of counting as fast and accurately as possible. 

The results

The Takeoff King completed his plan in just over seven minutes. A phenomenal time for a human to count 281 symbols.

However, not surprisingly Count Assist came out a clear winner completing the count in under one minute at fifty seven seconds.

  • 1st place: Count Assist (57 seconds)
  • 2nd place: Jeev Reji (7 minutes)

Count Assist truly did turn minutes into seconds with 100% accuracy. 

The Takeoff Battle replay

Watch as Craig wields the Count Assist weapon.

The Takeaway

The Takeoff King was incredibly fast, highly accurate and returned a very impressive result considering all 281 symbols were counted manually within seven minutes.

Count Assist in the hands of any Estimator is going to be a game changer.

Time to put Count Assist to work

A free 14-day trial of Count Assist is available to existing Groundplan users. If you’re already a Groundplan user, get in touch with the Support team to get started.

New to Groundplan? Simply sign up to Groundplan and ask about Count Assist. 

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