Groundplan & AroFlo: The estimating process is complete

Imagine what happens when two powerful, industry-leading cloud platforms integrate to make one complete takeoff estimating software solution

AroFlo is a simple and affordable job management software package, powerful enough to transform your trade business.

Groundplan, as we all know by now, is the industry-leading takeoff software that enables you to estimate by importing your PDF, then count and measure inventory to produce accurate quotes for the client.

Groundplan and AroFlo have teamed up to make your entire job estimating process a breeze. The partnership between these 2 industry-leaders is the bridge that crosses the great estimating divide.

How’s the estimating process work?

1. Simply upload your drawings to Groundplan. Inventory synced from AroFlo will appear alongside your plans.

2. Estimate how much inventory you’ll need by plotting, counting and measuring your inventory in Groundplan.

3. Export Stages & Quantities from Groundplan, straight into your AroFlo quote.

A match made in the cloud

There are too many advantages gained by removing the paperwork funnel to be listed in one blog post. When 2 cloud solutions come together that are both so integral to the estimating process for trade businesses, a complete transformation takes place and the paperless office dream is another step closer.

One key advantage of working in the cloud is that you’re always working on the latest file, no matter who has access. For estimators, this means you’ll drastically minimise the risk of ordering too much, or too little. The integration provides accurate quantities, accurate measurements and accurate prices to ensure you’re making a profit on every job.

To find out more, get in touch with us here at Groundplan and we’ll get you underway.

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