Get more from your Groundplan & AroFlo integration with our Superuser webinar

Update: Last week our in-house trainer Cazz delivered the webinar to our AroFlo users. Below is the recording to enjoy at your leisure.

As a cloud-based application, Groundplan is able to integrate with a complimentary network of software partners. Those integrations provide tremendous opportunities to further enhance your workflow.

Our free Superuser Series gives our customers the opportunity to further their expertise and extract the most value from those integrations.

This time, the focus is on our AroFlo users.

So we’re holding another free webinar. Yes, it's entirely free. No sales, no upsells, we genuinely just want to make sure AroFlo users are getting the most out of their integration.

Often you don’t know what you don’t know so we include some general ‘best practises’ to further refine your workflow.

We’ll also have a representative from AroFlo on hand to answer your questions.

Topics to be covered

  • Refreshing AroFlo items & pricing in Groundplan Projects
  • Utilising Takeoff Templates Measuring AroFlo items in Groundplan
  • A deeper look at Parts & Labour
  • Preparing your Plan for export
  • Importing from Groundplan into AroFlo
  • A word on Revisions
  • How to import Revised Quantities

Details & Registration

Date: Wednesday, 20th January 2021.

Time: 10am AEST | 11am AEDT | 1pm NZT

Duration: 45mins

Registrations Closed


Who can attend?

The webinar is intended for users who already have an active Groundplan account, an active AroFlo account and an active connection between the two.

Do I need to register?

Yes, but, for each group watching one screen together, only one of you need to register. That way we can save more places for other attendees.

What do I need?

A good internet connection. Test your speakers or headset before we go live on the day, make sure you’ve made a cuppa before we begin. You’ll receive reminder emails with all the details 1 week, 1 day and 1 hour before we go live.

Is there an opportunity to ask questions?

You bet. But with up to 100 attendees, we’ll need to keep it brief and the questions will need to be kept to a general nature. Complex workflows will need closer attention after the webinar. We pride ourselves on brilliant support so if you have a question afterward, you only need to contact us at and we’ll jump straight onto it for you. We also offer one hour free training to all users and additional training at $100 p/hr.

Not yet using the integration?

If you're not already a user, here's an overview what's possible.

Basically, your inventory from AroFlo appears in Groundplan. Use Groundplan to count and measure items on the floorplan to generate an accurate quote with Groundplan's lightning fast point-and-click interface.

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