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70% Faster Quoting for First Choice Electrical

We first heard from Andrew in a meeting with the Electricians Success Academy. Craig from the Groundplan team was demonstrating our software to a group of sparky's online when Andrew took over and simply said "Don't think about it, just get Groundplan".

Andrew has since generously donated his time to elaborate on the difference Groundplan has made to his business. We asked Andrew some questions, below is his feedback.

Tell us about your businesses Andrew

First Choice Electrical is based on the Central Coast in NSW, focused on an exceptional standard of workmanship to businesses and homeowners, specialising in luxury renovations, new builds, residential construction and light commercial fit-outs.

Our long-standing relationships are a testament to our success. We are continuing to be our client’s First Choice because we develop Electricians who perform at a high level, who are great communicators and who have a passion for making properties electrically safe and functional for people to live and work from.

Tell us about your role

As the Director of the company, I’m responsible for just about everything. From making sure the work is coming in, to quoting, scheduling. project management and invoicing. I host the toolbox talks, spend a bit of time on the tools each week and coaching staff. You name it, the list goes on.

Plus, I’m always looking at new systems and procedures for my admin and staff to work to.

What prompted you to look for Estimating Software?

I wanted to remove steps from the process I’d previously been using, which was highlighters and small A4 printed plans that you can't read, guessing and miscalculating quantities and drawing messy freehand plans.

I wanted a point of difference from my competitors and to deliver quotes that have value with a professional marked up ceiling plan and a legend that reflects exactly what is being quoted. When someone sends you a set of plans with no electrical layout how are you supposed to be able to warrant what you have allowed for in your pricing, and what your competitors have allowed for?

With Groundplan I can quickly draw a ceiling plan and attach it to my quote, send it to the client for them to review and get a really good understanding of how their electrical system will look.

The client can see exactly what they're getting and request changes there and then. The plans can be modified on the spot until they're happy.

Do you have Groundplan integrated with any other software?

I have Groundplan integrated with simPRO which has been such a game-changer. It allows me to get my quotes out the door so much quicker. The quotes appear professional, they're accurate, there's no guessing or miscalculating quantities and measurements. Once the jobs are approved I can print out lighting and power layouts for our technicians to work off.

The quotes appear professional, they're accurate, there is no guessing or miscalculating quantities and measurements.

How did you find the sign-up process?

Everything is done online and then someone runs you through the system to show you how to utilise all of the features that pertain to your area of work.

Once I ran through it I pretty much picked it up straight away. It's very user friendly which is a big bonus.

What is the most overwhelming difference you’ve seen?

The speed of quoting together with the simPRO integration is paramount for my business. Enough said.

How much time are you saving?

I haven't measured this but it honestly saves me so much time - easily 70% faster. I'm saving hours on every quote.

Time is expensive and it is the most valuable thing.

I'm saving hours on every quote.

Have you had any feedback from your clients regarding the plans you’re now supplying?

Yes, nothing but good feedback from our builders, clients and even our staff who love having a clear set of plans that make sense for them to work off.


We'd like to give a big thanks to Andrew Barnett from First Choice Electrical for sharing his feedback.

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