Custom Symbols

Choose from over 300 custom-made symbols for a wide range of trades industries. Upload your own personalised symbols or have us create them for you.

Eraser Tool

Stay in complete control of your plans with the Eraser Tool, which allows you to delete absolutely anything from your PDF at any time. Video


Draw cable, piping and any other linear item. An auto-straightening mode ensures your lines are clear and accurate. Video

Dimension Tool

Save scaled dimensions to your plans quickly and easily with the Dimension Tool. Set the scale and let Groundplan calculate the measurements for you.

Text Boxes

Add custom text boxes to your plans as you please. Simply choose font size and colour and place text anywhere on your plans. Video


Add photos such as product images to your plans with the Image Tool.

Title Block

Personalise your plans with your own custom Title Block, which can include your business’ logo and more. Video

Arc Tool

Accurately display the link between symbols on your plans with the Arc Tool.

Snip Tool

Cut areas of your PDF, adjust paper size, and create new plans with the Snip Tool.


Export a full list of parts and labour to an Excel spreadsheet or directly to your job management software. Video


Add a legend to your PDF to clearly indicate every symbol that appears on your plan. Video

PDF Plan Exports

Export your plans in clear PDF format, ready to send to your customers.

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