Save time with our measurement tools

Quickly and easily measure your plans with our simple to use, but powerful takeoff tools.

Work from anywhere

Use any device to go online and access all your projects, plans and takeoff estimates. Collaborate with your remote team while watching changes happening in real time, always up to date. No more software installs and updates.

Counting Items

Choose the part you want to count, pick the symbol and colour and start clicking to place the symbol on the plan. Groundplan will create a bill of quantities automatically.

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Measuring Lengths

Measuring linear meterage has never been so easy. Simply set your scale inside Groundplan and use your mouse to quantify. You can finally throw away that old plan wheel.

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Measuring Areas

Measure the square meterage or volumes of an area with a few clicks of your mouse. Our area tool will work around any shape.

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A simple solution to a complex problem

Create formulas, visualise your material and cost totals and export your estimates.


Use formulas to add, subtract, divide or multiply parts or labour from your measurements. Full Excel formulas available. Formulas can be set before or after your takeoffs are complete.


Breakdown your measurement, item quantity and price totals and have full visibility of your project.

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Plan Revisions

Do you receive plan revisions after your initial takeoff? Upload your new plans while keeping the takeoff onscreen. No need to start from scratch when it’s digital.

Exports and Integrations

Export all of your project documents at any stage, Download your plans with or without markups to give to your customer, or simply export your project with one of our Integrations


A better way to organise your tenders

Setup or import your takeoff templates and you’re good to go. Never lose track of your estimates again.

Document Storage

Store tender docs, plans, photos and any other data against your projects. We include unlimited data storage and backup with your Groundplan subscription.

Project Templates

Layout your stages, set up your symbols in a template which you can use time and time again. This saves a lot of setup time when estimating and allows you to keep your same configuration for each takeoff.

Takeoff Templates

Set up lists of your favorite takeoffs which you regularly choose. Assign symbols and keep regular formulas which can be added to a project at any stage.


Enter all of your important dates against your projects. Inside Groundplan you will see a complete project calendar which will also sync with your Gmail or Outlook calendars.

To-do Lists

Set up all of the tasks you need to complete with each project. Tasks can be assigned to different users and have due dates set. This is great when you have multiple estimators working on the same plans.