Never order too much or
too little again

AroFlo is a simple and affordable job management software package, powerful enough to transform your trade business.

Groundplan and AroFlo have teamed up to make your entire job estimating process a breeze.

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Groundplan success stories

Discover how trades are moderising their business processes with our cloud-based takeoff software.

It’s the only way to go moving forward, it saves so much time.

Task Industries use AroFlo.

How does the estimating process work?

Our goal is simple: to streamline your work processes to help your business succeed. No more guesstimates or under-quoting on materials. You can even create groups of inventory items in AroFlo and use these in Groundplan.

1. Upload Plans

Simply upload your drawings to Groundplan. Inventory synced from AroFlo will appear alongside your plans.

2. Measure

Estimate how much inventory you’ll need by plotting, counting and measuring your inventory in Groundplan.

3. Review

Review your labour and pricing and prepare your data before exporting.

4. Export

Export Stages & Quantities from Groundplan, straight into your AroFlo quote.

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