Estimate materials and labour required for every inch of the property.

As a pest controller, you’re probably looking for estimating software that will help you to understand the time and materials required to accurately estimate your next job. Well, you’ve come to the right place.
Groundplan is gaining so much popularity because it’s both simple to use and packed with features.
Pest Control Estimating Software

Pest Control Estimating Software

Groundplan can be used to quickly takeoff and estimate an upcoming job by roughly calculating the surface area of the walls, floor, ceiling and yard measurements.

Alternatively, you can choose to dig into much more detail. Once you’ve measured the surface areas, you can begin adding items such as doors and windows and start dropping those items onto your plan.

You can associate each of those items with a cost of time and materials to more accurately factor in the extra time and chemicals required for the job. As each point is plotted, Groundplan is calculating costs as you go.

Estimated Pest Control Plan

How does Groundplan work?

Groundplan is a powerful piece of software for pest control estimating. It’s worth taking a look at the User Guides to learn about all of its features but here’s the overview.

Once you’ve set the scale, go ahead and measure the length of each wall or use our count tool to mark slab penetrations. Oh, and there’s no need to measure walls twice. You can tell Groundplan which are the two-sided walls.

For more detail, use the library of assemblies and catalogue items to transform your measurements into a full estimate of your project.

Stages are another facility in Groundplan where you may want to separate out the interior inspection, the exterior and the yard for instance.

To save you loads of time, Takeoff Templates and Project Templates are included or you can create your own for regularly recurring processes to use time and time again.

Just follow a few simple steps to calculate your next pest control estimate.

  1. Upload your PDF plan and set the scale. For instance: A3 @ 1:100.
  2. Name your ‘Stage’, it may be ‘Construction’ for instance.
  3. Apply your custom Pest Control measurement template.
  4. Whip around your plan and trace the walls as Groundplan begins calculating the measurements and the associated costs.
  5. You can add as much detail as you like, nail down those intricate areas, and estimate your time and cost down to a hair’s breadth. Or, if you just want an overview, you can use it to simply count, measure and calculate.

Groundplan is just so much simpler to use than the others.

Anton Oud, PSS

Pest Control Estimating Quantities

How does it help me to estimate my pest control job?

How many times have you ended up taking much more time on a job than you’d first thought it was going to take? If you can get a copy of the plans, and given how quickly you can make calculations in Groundplan, you can even save yourself a trip to site by providing an accurate quote based on the actual size of the property.

This process puts the power into your own hands, it gives you control of your margins and ensures every hour on site is factored into the quote.

All the engineers are getting faster and better at using Groundplan. Currently, we’re turning projects around 20-30% faster than before.

Phil Stockman, Takeoff Pro

Pest Control Estimation New Length

Pass your pest control takeoff onto someone else?

Yes, it’s a thing. If you’re struggling to find the time to do the estimating yourself, Groundplan is cloud-based. In other words, you can allow any professional estimator in the world to take care of it for you.

You simply provide them with a login to your Groundplan account and watch as the estimating is done for you in real time. Pretty crazy eh?!

Pest Control Plan Presentation

Get the jump on the competition

Groundplan will streamline your estimating process, giving you more time on site, time after work with your family or time to chase more work.

Don’t quote cheap, quote accurately, and put your best foot forward.

Groundplan will generate an easy-to-understand and visually impressive quote, complete with your professional branding, ready to be shown to your client. You can appear as the professional outfit you are with Groundplan.

It’s time. The software is so easy to use you’ll be up and away before you know it.

The feedback from clients has been phenomenal

Phil Stockman, Takeoff Pro

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