Concrete Estimating Software

The pen-and-paper method has worked well over the years, but it’s time to go digital before your competition does. Using Parts in Groundplan, simply measure the footprint of the required area once.

The resulting calculation is applied to your volume of concrete, steel, chairs and even the lineal metres for your perimeter of formwork or boxing.

You can even create estimating templates that can be used for all your various materials and processes so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.


How does Groundplan work?

Once you’ve uploaded your PDF plan, you’ll measure square meterage areas using the Area Tool. To measure a length of timber for instance, you’ll use the Length tool.

You can quickly calculate the square meterage of the slab to be poured using the Length and Area tools with speed or dig into the detail to measure areas that are likely to be more intricate.

Use the library of assemblies and catalogue items to transform your measurements into a full-scale estimate of your project.

Use Groundplan’s ‘Stages’ to break down your estimate.

Just follow a few simple steps to calculate your next concrete estimate.

  1. Upload your PDF plan and set the scale. For instance: A3 @ 1:100.
  2. Name your ‘Stage’, it may be ‘Pavement’ for instance.
  3. Whip around your plan and trace the areas as Groundplan begins calculating the measurements and the associated costs.
  4. You can add as much detail as you like, nail down those intricate areas, and estimate your time and cost down to a hair’s breadth. Or, if you just want an overview, you can use it to simply count, measure and calculate.

“Groundplan is just so much simpler to use than the others.”

Anton Oud

“Now it’s all setup and templated, I can offload that work to an estimating team.”

Sam Ackland

Why you should use this concrete estimating software

How many times have you ended up taking much more time on a job than you first thought it was going to take? With a copy of the plans, you can save yourself a trip to the site. In fact, you can be anywhere with an internet connection and log into Groundplan to either create to estimate yourself or check as someone else on your team in creating it for you.

Groundplan gives you the power to take estimating into your own hands, increase your margins and ensure every hour is factored into your quote.


Pass estimating onto someone else?

If you’re don’t have time to do the estimating yourself, you can pass it own to a professional estimator. Groundplan is a cloud-based software, meaning it can be used anywhere in the world.

Simply create a login and watch as the estimating is done for you. Welcome to the future.

Groundplan can streamline your estimating process so you have more time working on site, relaxing off-site, or time to bring in more business.


Get the jump on the competition

Remember, those finely tuned margins are key to both winning the job and making a decent profit.

Groundplan will generate an easy-to-understand and visually impressive quote, complete with your professional branding, ready to be shown to your client. You can begin to appear as the professional outfit you are with Groundplan.

It’s time. The software is so easy to use you’ll be up and away before you know it.