Electrical takeoff estimating has never been so easy. We’re used in all types of electrical contracting from small home renovations to large multi million dollar projects. Whether it’s counting LED downlights or measuring cable runs, Groundplan will improve your takeoff and estimating process.


Measure pipe and fittings for a wide range of commercial projects including retail, residential, schools, hospitals, and office buildings. Groundplan estimating software will give you a full bill of quantities and labour breakdown for your plumbing project.

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Mark up your plans using our annotation tools. You can add images, text boxes, and a plan legend. Our eraser tool also allows you to erase anything on the original plan. Upload your own images/symbols directly into Groundplan to personalise your plans for your business.


Design security systems for small residential homes or larger commercial projects. Groundplan takeoff software allows you to place security camera symbols on your plans and mark the direction they face. Once you have placed everything on your plans, a bill of quantities can be exported directly to Excel.


Fire estimating can be a long drawn out process when using plan measuring wheels and Excel spreadsheets. With Groundplan takeoff software you simply upload your plans, set your scale, and start counting.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning takeoff is a breeze with Groundplan estimating software. Mechanical and HVAC contractors can quickly and easily measure pipe and ductwork for any size project with our custom tools.


Quickly calculate the area of roof using our powerful area tool. Build your everyday square metre rates into our takeoff templates with associated materials and labour costs. Measuring iron, tile or shingles has never been so easy and you can even use our length tool to calculate fascia and gutter.


Calculate area takeoffs within a few clicks. Groundplan takeoff software gives you the tools to count up all the different types of plants needed and estimate your total labour costs to do the job. Our length measuring tool is great for measuring both soft and hard landscaping.

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