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Personalised PDF Electrical Plan Design

With more than 300 standard electrical symbols available in Groundplan, electrical plan design is a breeze. Add lighting and power symbols, then use Groundplan’s arc tool to run the circuits. Once you’ve placed the symbols in the right position, Groundplan will automatically count all items for you. Plus, you’ll be in complete control of your PDF plans with the ability to edit any item as you please.

  • Place more than 300 standard symbols
  • Use the Arc Tool for drawing circuitry
  • Draw clear, concise lines
  • Delete symbols as needed
  • Add text boxes
  • Add Title block and logos to personalise
  • Add legend

Electrical Labour and Parts Estimating

Groundplan has built the link between electrical takeoff and estimating. Get quotes to your customers faster, as Groundplan builds an estimate from your electrical takeoff in seconds. That means no more time wasted on manual estimates, more quotes, and more profit.

  • Upload your rates from CSV
  • Save takeoff templates for future projects
  • Use formulas to multiply materials and calculate wastage
  • Labour calculator
  • Quantify your costs
  • Download electrical estimates directly to Excel
  • Over 600 standard electrical assemblies with install times
Electrical Labour and Parts Estimating

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