About simPRO

simPRO Enterprise streamlines trade contractor businesses, with all the tools you need to manage service, project and maintenance works – without the paperwork – in one solution.

Estimate and quote in minutes; live track your schedules, jobs, costs, and stock; manage recurring jobs and multi-stage projects with ease; and keep your back office connected with your field technicians at all times.

It’s simply more efficient business, with better visibility, more control, happier customers and less hassle.

The simPRO takeoff Integration with Groundplan covers:

  • Multi company
  • Cost centres
  • Prebuilds
  • Catalogues
  • Labour types
  • Sales people
  • Project managers
  • Created & Updated Quotes

Don’t take it from us…

See how our customers are leveraging Groundplan and simPRO to massively improve their workflow.

simPRO - Add Measurement

Use your simPRO Catalogue and Pre-build items

Simply link Groundplan to your simPRO account and you can start estimating with your existing catalogue item and pre-builds. Once you’re done, simply select a cost center and push your estimates into a new or existing simPRO Quote.

simPRO - Push to Quote

Easily push to a Quote

Once your estimate is done, select the part cost-centers and labour rates, pick your customer and site and finally push your estimates into a simPRO Quote. All your pricing, quantities and items will be pushed into simPRO seamlessly.