simPRO Software

simPRO Software

When you connect Groundplan with simPRO, your takeoff estimating and quote process become one. Start a project in Groundplan, count and measure all parts and labour using simPRO’s catalogues or prebuilds then push them into simPRO to create your quote. Our simPRO integration is completely seamless. Groundplan will integrate with both simPRO Enterprise and simPRO Service.

simPRO Data Integration with Groundplan:

  • Multi company
  • Cost centres
  • Prebuilds
  • Catalogues
  • Labour types
  • Sales people
  • Project managers


By integrating these two products we have created the link between your takeoff and quoting process to simplify estimating. Count and measure inside Groundplan using your Aroflo catalogues then once complete, export your bill of quantities straight into an Aroflo quote, adjust your margins and send it off to your customer- It’s that simple!

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Need a new integration not listed? Send us a message and we can investigate it for you.