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Electrical Estimating Software

Groundplan can completely simplify the entire electrical takeoff and estimating process in your business. Adaptable for all types of electrical contracting, from small home renovations to multi-million dollar projects, Groundplan makes takeoff and estimating easy – so you can save time and win more work.

Plumbing Estimating Software

Easily measure pipe and fittings, count items like joins and bends, and get a full bill of quantities and labour breakdown for any plumbing project – big or small. With Groundplan, your plumbing takeoff estimating is covered.

Audio Visual Estimating Software

Get the full picture on any Audio Visual job and maximise your profit every time. Exact lengths, areas, material counts and more are seamlessly integrated into clear, accurate and personalised takeoffs, and estimating for every job is made easy.

Security Estimating Software

Groundplan’s security takeoff software comes with more than 100 standard symbols to make plan design, takeoff and estimating easy. Place symbols like locks and security cameras and even mark the direction cameras face. Export a bill of quantities directly into Excel or your job management system and get accurate quotes to your customers faster.

Fire Estimating Software

Groundplan simplifies both wet and dry fire estimating; there’s no need for time-consuming spreadsheets or plan wheels. Simply upload your plans, set your scale, and wherever you click, we count. – Groundplan will quantify both labour and materials then export everything to Excel.

HVAC Estimating Software

Calculate every length, area and volume of every element of your HVAC project, from pipe to ductwork, pumps, switches and more. Save time – and reduce waste – with an online takeoff software that makes takeoff and estimating easy.

Painting Estimating Software

Easily measure wall area – even on 2D plans. Use Groundplan’s convenient cut-out feature to deduct areas like windows and doors, so you can know exactly how much primer and paint you’ll need to finish the job. Save time on every painting estimate and minimise waste.

Plasterboard Estimating Software

Measure exact areas, lengths and volumes to determine just how much plasterboard, screws and joint compound you’ll need to finish the job. Quantify labour with a few clicks and watch as Groundplan generates an accurate bill of materials in seconds. Plasterboard takeoff and estimating has never been so easy.

Roofing Estimating Software

Quickly calculate the area of roof using our powerful area tool. Build your everyday square metre rates into our takeoff templates with associated materials and labour costs. Measuring iron, tile or shingles has never been so easy and you can even use our length tool to calculate fascia and gutter.

Landscaping Estimating Software

Save time estimating for both soft and hard landscaping. Accurately measure lengths, areas and volumes, including those of complex particulars like ponds and flower beds, and easily count items like plants. Generate precise materials lists quickly for easy, accurate estimating.

Carpentry Estimating Software

Measure and count materials for any carpentry job with precision and ease. Add preferred brands and their prices and watch as Groundplan calculates the project’s accurate material and labour costs. Save often used assemblies as take-off templates to make estimating for future projects even quicker and easier.

Concrete Estimating Software

Calculate precise quantities, costs and margins quickly with Groundplan and complete your concreting takeoff and estimating with ease. With our Length and Area tools, measuring accurately is as simple as a point and a click. Create custom take-off templates for materials you use often like cements, sand, aggregates, rebars and mesh to apply to new projects for quick quoting and consistent pricing.

Pest Control Estimating Software

Mark and measure walls, cracks, crevices, drainage and any other target areas and know exactly how much residual spraying or fogging you’ll need to keep pests at bay. Even measure sensitive areas for gel baiting with ease.

Civil Estimating Software

Collaborate with other estimators in real time in Groundplan and increase your productivity, whether you’re working on small road repair quotations or large-scale construction projects. Easily quantify material costs and apply margins for accurate material and budget allocation for your projects.

  Flooring Estimating Software

How much tiling and hardwood flooring will you need? Use Groundplan’s Area Tool and formula feature to measure surface area, volumes and more with speed and precision. Cut waste by knowing exactly how much tile, hardwood, grout, adhesive and backer board you’ll need to get the job done.

Insulation Estimating Software

Cut your insulation estimating time with Groundplan’s handy measuring tools for the building envelope. Measure wall surface area with our length Tool to determine what type of insulation you’ll need, as well as how much. All it takes is a few clicks.

Masonry Estimating Software

Easily measure areas and lengths to determine exactly how much brick, cement, rebar, stones and other materials you’ll need for any masonry construction project. Quantify your labour costs in Groundplan, then export your quantities to Excel or your job management software to get accurate quotes to your customers faster.

Waterproofing Estimating Software

Protecting any building’s envelope, big or small, starts with accurate waterproofing takeoff and estimates. Use Groundplan to calculate exact materials and measurements – in stages to easily calculate specific areas – and export your bill of quantities to Excel or your job management software.

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