Groundplan Software updates (17 August 2020)

August 18, 2020

Plan Compare – User Guide

Plan Compare gives you the option to compare a plan to a previous revision or another plan in the project. While comparing plans, you can count, measure, annotate, and select items as usual.

Groundplan - Plan Compare

Select Tool – User Guide

When plans are revised or when design ideas change, you may need to edit the placement of your measurements and plan markings in bulk. We’ve released a “multi-select tool”, whichs allows you to select multiple items in your plan and move or delete them to suit your new requirements.

New Area Cut-out tool – User Guide

We’ve revamped the “area cut-out tool” to visually subtract portions from your area measurements. Your cut-outs will automatically be subtracted from the area total, instead of adding negative quantity items.
You’ll still be able to access the old “Negative” area functionality under the “Settings > Negative” menu.

Groundplan - Area Cut-out tool

QuickBooks Integration – User Guide

Our new QuickBooks integration is now live! Please contact us to know more.

Groundplan - QuickBooks integration

If you need training or have any questions or feedback please feel free to email us at We’ll keep you posted with more updates!