Estimated Painting Plan

How does this estimating software help painters?

With Groundplan you can accurately calculate the square and lineal meterage of every room. Quickly calculate meterage down to the volume of paint required for the job.

Groundplan is fast becoming the industry-standard estimating tool among painters. The reason? It takes just a few simple steps to accurately estimate your painting job;

  1. Upload your PDF plan
  2. Check and set the scale. For instance, A3 @ 1:100
  3. Name your ‘Stage’, it may be ‘Interior Walls’ for instance.
  4. Set your ceiling heights, and you’re off. Whip around your plan and trace the walls as Groundplan begins calculating the measurements and the associated costs. You can choose whether the wall is double-sided or single-sided, so there’s no need to measure the same wall twice.
  5. Next, show Groundplan where the windows and doors are.
  6. Then, grab the ‘Area’ tool and draw out each of the ceilings.

It’s up to you how much detail you’d like to gather. You can deep-dive into the detail, but many painting professionals use it to simply count, measure and calculate.

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Painting Estimating Software

Painting Estimating software

Groundplan digitally measures interior and exterior walls and ceilings to more accurately estimate how much paint you’ll need and how much time your painting job will take.

Sure the ‘old way’ is fine, but haven’t you earned some down time after dinner tonight rather than time spent quoting?

The old method has stood the test, but if you count the hours saved by using a digital workflow, before you know it that extra time will equate to extra cash in your bank account. It’s likely the competition are considering it, so best you get in first.

  • Upload your rates from CSV
  • Save takeoff templates for future projects
  • Use formulas to multiply materials and calculate wastage
  • Labour calculator
  • Quantify your costs
  • Download painting estimates directly to Microsoft Excel

“Now it’s all setup and templated, I can offload that work to an estimating team.”

Sam Ackland

“Groundplan is just so much simpler to use than the others.”

Anton Oud
Painting Estimating Quantities

Take estimating into your own hands

Ever received a work order from a builder for 300 square meters only to later realise there’s actually an extra wall or two that’s been forgotten? Accuracy is key to controlling cost and maximising margins, so best not leave it up to the builder to do your calculations for you.

What’s the point of doing a job if you’re not making money?!

Some clients even outsource part of their estimating. How? Well, Groundplan is cloud-based software, so you can enlist professionals from far and wide to log into their Groundplan account and carry out estimating work on the fly.

Painting Estimation New Length

Count one-off items

Often, a wall is not just a wall, right? You can subtract window dimensions for the area that does not need to be painted. Groundplan gives you the ability to subtract windows from each calculation with one single click. In fact, templates are readily available to choose from based on commonly used window dimensions.

You may or may not need to paint the doors, and, you guessed it, you can simply add or subtract door dimensions too.


Measure linear lengths

So, we know walls and ceilings are covered, but then there are the cornices and skirting. They can be a bit fiddly,take more time and potentially require a different material such as gloss paint. Thankfully, these lengths and variants can all be factored into the Groundplan calculation.

You’re not only working out how much paint you need, but how much labour is involved, right?

Painting Plan Presentation

Impress your clients

Don’t quote cheap, quote accurately, and put your best foot forward.

The list of features that bring your estimate to life are countless:

  • Place more than 100 standard symbols
  • Cleanup parts of the plan with our eraser tool
  • Draw clear, concise lines
  • Add custom text boxes
  • Add title block and business logo to personalise your plan
  • Add items legend on the plan
  • Add custom images

Groundplan produces a succinct and visually impressive estimate with all your branding in place ready to show your client, so you can look the part as the professional outfit you are.